Our commitments for the planet



At the Auberge de la Petite Reine, we are committed to:

Manage our waste:

- Sort our operating waste (paper, cardboard, plastic, batteries, ink cartridge, glass, etc.)

- guarantee the safe disposal of our hazardous waste

- Limit packaging and transport by rationalizing our purchases

- Limit the production of paper waste by promoting the sending and storage of dematerialized documents

Controlling our energy and water expenditure:

- Evaluate, control, by a monthly statement our consumption of electricity, gas and water

- Equip our premises with low-consumption light bulbs or LEDs

- Manage our energy expenditure by adopting a responsible attitude of temperature regulation (via a room temperature control module installed at the reception)

- manage our water consumption by installing mixer taps in the toilets

- make our customers aware of the protection of the environment thanks to visual aids installed in the room and a more ecological management of the linen available (change of towels every other day)

- investment in the creation of a lingerie within the establishment incorporating low consumption machines, in order to eliminate deliveries and their carbon footprint and to optimize better management of our needs in an ecological way

Buy more environmentally friendly products

- give preference to eco-labeled products

- Promote the use of local and seasonal products in the restaurant